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Overcoming Adversity and Hardships



As you may already know, life is not easy. I am sure like the rest of is, you have seen bad times and good times, you have rejoiced and you have cried. Whatever it is that we go through, it shapes who we are.

There are experiences that we feel are breaking us down, but then again there are experiences that will make us stronger if we just allowed ourselves to be changed positively. Every single experience that we have, whether good or bad can help us learn new lessons and prepare us for the destiny that will one day be our lives.

Now, it’s a fact that hardships will find you. But instead of being destroyed by them, you can overcome them and be better than you ever thought you could be.

Overcoming Adversity – My Experience

In the last couple of years, my life has been spiraling out of control. I lost a lot of things and things just seemed to go from bad to worse. I lost my job, lost my house and lost a few other things, which made me feel really sad and down.

Then life seemed to smile at me again. Just when I took a sigh of relief, that things were finally getting back on track, that I was being restored, life dealt me another blow.

I lost the person that I thought was my soulmate. I was betrayed by them in the most complete way and everything started going downhill. I came to the realization that they never came to my life to love me, they were coming to see what they would gain from it all.

Instead of fighting and holding on to the things that they were determined to take from me, I decided to let it all go.
The betrayal was by far the worst, far worse than the pain that I felt from them taking the physical things.

Though painful as hell, that experience forced me to take a second look. My life became simple again, I could start being grateful for the small things again, I began to appreciate the little that I had.

As I started to look deeper into myself, I was remembered the strength that is within me. I remembered that all these things can happen in my life but they define me. They don’t define who I am or where I go or who I become.

So here some tips I wanted to share on strength and overcoming hardships:

Tips On Overcoming Adversity

 Have faith in yourself

You must have faith that you can get through whatever you are facing. Your strong mind will determine just how you manage to overcome it. Thinking you can’t, and feeling overwhelmed is what will make you feel weak and governed by what’s going on in your life.

Know you have nothing to lose

Remind yourself that you have nothing to lose, and that you have so much more to gain. Let go of the worry, the fear and the uncertainty and focus on the giant ahead of you. You can, and if you think you can, nothing can stop you.

Remind yourself that it’s not over

This is not the end of your journey. This experience is just there to help sculpt you into the amazing person that you are meant to be. It’s not the end of the road for you.

The truth is we cannot avoid challenges or hardships. And sometimes life will knock us out.

But we must learn to get back up.

We must learn to look at them head on and decide that we will get through it. Learn to appreciate your life and what you have, because challenges sometimes are just a way to remind you of what you have.

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