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Pabi Moloi and her baby daddy Ruan Adams drama plays out on Social media


Pabi Moloi and her husband Ruan Adams’s dirty laundry all over social media

Pabi Moloi and her baby daddy Ruan Adams drama

Pabi Moloi and her husband Ruan Adams have their drama playing out on social media, thanks to Ruan who posted videos of a fight between him and Pabi’s mom and aunt on Instagram.

We know Pabi to be super private when it comes to her personal life, I mean she kept her wedding and her baby a secret, so it was quite shocking to see all the drama unfolding on social media.

Ruan has clearly been fighting with Pabi, who he claims does not allow him to see his son, and that he’s name is not even in the birth certificate of the baby, as his dad.

Wait, we thought Pabi and Ruan are married?

In one of the videos, we hear all the screaming, Pabi’s grandmother is asking Ruan why he is at the house. And the baby is heard crying in the background, in the middle of all the screaming and commotion.

According to Ruan Adams, it seems he has instigated a court case to try and resolve the matter. He claims Pabi has not been responding to messages, as she thinks she is above the law, because she is a celebrity.

Yea no, there is just too much drama.

Unfortunately, Ruan has deleted his Instagram page and Pabi has remained mum about this  situation.

On the real though, social media is never the place to air your dirty laundry! Just saying!

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