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Pearl Modiadie is back together with her fiancée

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Pearl Modiadie is back with her fiancee Nkululeko Buthelezi

Pearl Modiadie is back together with her fiancée Nkululeko Buthelezi

One of Mzansi’s favourites media personality and presenter Pearl Modiadie is back together with her fiancée Nkululeko Buthelezi.

A few months back, we noticed that Pearl was not wearing her sparkly engagement ring, and she later confirmed that her engagement was off. And now, Pearl seems happy again, and she is wearing a ring on her wedding finger, that looks like her old engagement ring.

According to the Sunday Sun, the couple got back together last month, and are very happy together.

“I can confirm that we are back together and very happy with each other. But that’s all I can say because I hate discussing my private life in the media,” Pearl  told the publication.

This is great indeed, we love it when love wins, we just want our Pearl to be happy. We particularly enjoyed all the trips that her and Nkululeko take all over the world, because at least we get to see those beautiful places too.

On the real though, love really is a beautiful thing, we wish the lovebirds all the happiness in this  world.

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