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Pearl Modiadie and Donald all up in “heaven”


Donald at Table mountain Cape Town

So, Pearl Modiadie’s mystery man turned out to be Donald!

We know that they dated in the past, broke up and got back together again, only to break up again. And just recently, Pearl even spoke about her failed relationship with Donald.

Except . . . she was just trying to throw us off!

When Pearl posted on her Instagram a pic saying, “Let’s go away”, Donald was doing the exact same thing.

Then Donald posted a pic on Instagram, with bags and all . . . making it obvious that he was going somewhere.

Donald going to the aiport

Pearl then shared a pic of her on the plane sitting next to this mystery man. We only saw his arm, as she just wanted to keep him to herself, but Donald’s shirt gave it away!

And now . . . they are both at Table Mountain . . . floating among the clouds.

Donald captioned his pic at the top of Table Mountain: “This sums up how happy I am right now.”

Pearl captioned her pic: “Today was truly magical. It will go down as one of the most memorable moments of my life. Heaven on earth, the top of Table Mountain. I’m happy”

Pearl in Table Mountain Cape Town

They look too adorable together, absolutely gorgeous couple. We just wish they would give us a bit more . . . but we understand them trying to keep it private.

They seem to make each other very happy, which is awesome! Enjoy Cape town guys, you totally deserve it all!

Image credits: Instagram

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