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Pearl Thusi’s sweet heartwarming message to her daughter


Pearl Thusi sides with DJ Zinhle over the Bonang Matheba & AKA affair saga

TV personality Pearl Thusi utterly and completely loves her daughter, Thando.

They say, as a mom there is nothing like the love you feel for your child. That kind of love can’t be explained,
and can only be understood by those who have been there and experienced it.

And I can believe it!

Pearl Thusi daughterPearl took to Instagram to express the love that she feels for her daughter. She wrote her a message so beautiful, so real, straight from the heart. She posted a pic of her super cute daughter, with the message that completely warms my heart.

“I’m not perfect. But you are the perfection in my world. 
I don’t think I’m the best mother, but you’re the best living testament that God is real.
I’m not pure, far from it. But your purity and spirit are why I have hope for this world.
I may be an enemy to some, but I have angels who even protect me because I’m dear to your heart.

“On everything I do, you bring Grace and love to me. You are a wish I could have never wished.
A dream I could have never dreamt.
A life I couldn’t have imagined and a love that surpasses understanding.

“I don’t know why you chose me. But I’m blessed because of it and I praise the mighty God that you’re in my life.
I love you enough to know that God loves me and I even pray that He loves you more. As long as you live, I am blessed. As long as you smile, the sun shines on my lowly being.

“I love you baby. Mommy. ❤️❤️❤️”

Aww . . . that’s so beautiful,so precious!!

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