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Pet Insurance for Dogs


Should You Get Pet Insurance for Your Dog

Pet Insurance for dogs . . . the topic of pet insurance is certainly gaining momentum, and that’s why I wanted to talk about it.

Let’s talk pet insurance for dogs: What is pet insurance for dogs exactly, should you get it for your dog, how much does it actually cost and what does it actually cover? These are the questions that are in pet owners minds, as they wrestle between paying for vet costs out of pocket or getting pet insurance. Each pet insurance company has its different policies, and they offer different benefits, so it can be a bit tricky to know which pet insurance is best and which one they should go with.

What is pet insurance for dogs?

Pet insurance reimburses you for the money that you will spend at your vet, if your dog becomes sick or injured with something that is covered under the policy that you take out for your dog.

You need to be find out what your dog is covered for when you take out a certain package for the plan, as certain plans will not pay for pre-existing conditions and certain plans will not cover serious illnesses like cancer. Some pet insurance companies do not cover for normal pet services such as annual bloodwork, vaccines or dental cleanings, under the actual cover, but they allow you to take these for an extra cost.

Pet insurance for dogs definitely make sense if you have a new puppy, because as you know they can get into a lot of naughty stuff. Also, they are the cheapest to insure, so you can get an affordable policy for  them.

The older dogs can be a bit tricky. Insuring them is a bit more costly, and they may have conditions that the insurance company may not want to cover them for. In fact., most companies won’t cover them for any pre-existing conditions.

Why get pet insurance for dogs?

If you have pet insurance for your dog, taking your dog to the vet is a no brainer. In South Africa, most people live from hand to mouth, and most just don’t have that extra cash when their dog has an emergency situation that requires that the dog sees a vet. Pet insurance can be exactly what pet owners need, as they can pay for the cover month to month in small amounts, instead of one huge bill that they can’t afford.

Pet insurance, is great. You don’t have to get stressed out about whether your vet accepts this insurance or that insurance, it’s not like insurance for people. We love that you can choose to go to any vet that you like to get the help for your dog that you  want.


How much does pet insurance for dogs cost?


It really depends on the insurance company and the plan that you take out. Head on over to petsinsurance.co.za and find out which companies can offer this to you.

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