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POWER Season 4 Episode 1


POWER Season 4 Episode 1 1POWER Season 4 Episode 1: Ghost in in jail and he gets a serious beating

Power Season 4 premiered on Sunday 25 June, and unfortunately for us in South Africa, we just have to wait until we can get our hands on it.

Thanks to the internet, I managed to watch Power Season 4, Episode 1 . . . and its quite a ride.

It starts with Ghost in prison, unaware that his son Tariq has been kidnapped by Knan. Fortunately, when Knan learns that Ghost has been arrested, he decides there will be too much heat if he keeps Tariq, and waits to get the ransom money.

Poor Tasha, just as she learns that Tariq is missing and the person has asked for ransom, she also learns that her husband and the father of her kids Ghost is in jail, having been arrested by Angela, his ex girlfriend, the one who broke up their marriage.

As she tries to deal with all this, the FBI rocked up announced and raided her home. She is trying to keep her kids calm, running the household and trying to put bail money together to get Ghost out of prison. “It’s like I’m living a nightmare and I can’t wake up,” she said on the episode.

Power Season 4 2017

Tommy on the other hand, learns that Tariq is missing and goes straight to Dre for answers. He is also trying to keep the drug empire moving, without Ghost.

And Dre, is busy lying to Tommy, while he is still being Knan’s puppet. He is in charge of Truth, and pretty much stealing money from Ghost to give it to Knan, aka Slim.

Angela on the other hand is hell bent on proving that Ghost killed Greg Knox, but she’s an emotional mess.

And James “Ghost” St. Patrick is in an even more tougher situation than everyone.  Jail is hectic, he gets denied bail and gets a beating of his life.

As for his son Tariq, I wish he would wise up and stay away from Slim.

Well, that’s a bit of a recap. Cannot wait for Power Season 4, episode 2 this coming Sunday.

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