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Power Season 4 Episode 4


Recap: Power Season 4 Episode 4

I love me some POWER Season 4 . . . this series for me is one of the best out there, and pretty much the only one that makes me drop just about everything and catch up with what’s happening, considering that I don’t watch that much TV anymore.

Anyway, if you have been following POWER, you would know that Season 4 kick started with Ghost (James St Patrick) in jail for killing Special Agent Gregg Knoxx . . . a crime he din’t commit.

And of course, you would also know that his side chick Angela Valdez is the one who put him in jail. Their love story pretty much turned sour after Ghost broke up with her and went back to his wife, Tasha. Poor Tasha, she is kinda left to clean all that mess that Ghost has created, and stand by a man who broke her heart. But of course, she is his ride or die.

Tommy as you know is crazy, he is a savage and we see more of that on this season. First he ran the other gangster with his car, and broke his leg. And then on Sunday’s episode, we see him call Bailey, the guy who had the recording that confirms that Tommy and Ghost killed Felipe Lobos.

I loved this episode 4 of   POWER, for one Ghost has had a few wins. He managed to  get that white dude who was black mailing him off his back. And now, Angela has finally realised that the gun that they found at Truth does not belong to Ghost.

That moment when she realised that he really could be telling the truth was really sweet for me. And knowing Angela, she will want to get to the bottom of it, especially after seeing that Sandoval saw the tapes but didn’t mention that on the tapes, Ghost does not hide he gun.

I was kind of angry when they took Proctor off the case, as he’s the one that Ghost trusts. He is insanely good at what he does, I just hope his other counsel will be able to make the same progress.

And of course, Tariq continues to hang out with Slim/Kanan and continues to do what he wants him to.

Put simply, I cannot wait for Sunday, to see what Angela does with the information she knows about Ghost!

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