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Power Season 4 Episode 6: New Man

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POWER Season 4 Episode 6

I just have to say that POWER is the best thing on Tv . . . no offense to anything else great on TV. Everytime I watch, I literally get chest pains. It’s just great storytelling and great acting all round.

On this episode we see Ghost (James St Patrick) on the outside. We also see that Simon Stern does not waste anytime letting James know that he owes him a lot of money, and that he is ready to collect. He wants James part of his real estate business.

How does Tommy get that drunk in foreign territory? I love that as he thinks he is going to die, the last thought is of his girlfriend Holly. More so, I loved how he shows his love for Holly, by getting revenge on that dirty uncle that raped her when she was little, he deserved what he got. And the nerve to say, she wanted it? Dirty old man he is!

Ok, so Kanan appears right in front of Ghost, and shows him he’s alive. But for me, I think I was expecting more shock from Ghost at this revelation.

In the end, Kanan chooses Ghost and Tariq over Jukebox. So deep down he cares about Ghost and his son, aah that last scene though, I thought they could have pulled on our heart strings a little more, given the fact that Kanan and Jukebox had been toying with Tariq that whole time.

And the whole episode, no AUSA Angela Valdez? I kind have a feeling that there’s unresolved feelings between her and Ghost, after all she threw her whole career for him??

And Tasha was not ready to pay happy couple just yet? And there was Ghost “wondering” why she didn’t sleep with him in their bed?

SERIOUSLY . . . like after everything that happened?  Sure she’s his ride or die, but after everything that he did, she was well withing her right to not believe that its over between Angie and Ghost.

And then of course, it’s going to be another long week until next Sunday

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