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How to Be More Productive – 5 Ways to Get More Work Done


how to be more productive

How to Be More Productive 

I find that one of my challenges in getting the work done that I need to lies in focusing on what I need to do, which can be a challenge when compared with all the distractions that I have.

Productivity is something I feel is very important, and I have come to notice that successful people are very productive. Since I am on the road to becoming very successful, I felt it was something that I needed to learn also, and I am sure you will also appreciate these pointers on how to be get more work done in a shorter amount of time.

So here are 5 tips that will help you boost your productivity:

1. Have a to do list – Sounds boring and so mundane right? But it can make a huge difference in how much you get done. It will help you focus on the important things that you need to get done, before you start wondering to other less important things, such as reading your emails, browsing the net and all those time eaters. Make sure that you focus on your to do list before you do other things.

2. Time yourself – Give yourself a time where you are going to work on a particular thing for that entire time. For instance, give yourself a full hour to focus on one thing that you need to get done. This means that in that hour, you are only allowing yourself to do the task at hand and nothing else. If you have to, get a timer if you think it will help you to do it better.

3. Get rid of all your distractions – Like most people you are probably devoting a lot of time to things like reading emails and responding to them, phone calls, Facebook, household noise, TV, you tube or whatever else eats on your time. You might think it is harmless, because it is a few minutes at a time, but if you add it all up, it’s a huge chunk of time every single day that you are losing on.

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Therefore, before you start your work, make sure that you eliminate these distractions. Close off your email, switch off the tv, turn off the phone. Do what you have to to make sure that you will be fully focused on the task that you need to do.

4. Hold yourself accountable – When you have a to do list, that is a great way to know what you need to get done. However, that is simply not enough. At the end of everyday, you should re-visit that to do list and scratch off the things that you should have gotten done for that day. You need to be disciplined with yourself, and you need to really push for what you want. If this is too much, get your partner involved, so that they can help you be accountable, by asking you what it is you accomplished every day.

5. Compare your to do list with the bigger picture – This means every week, your daily to do list needs to correlate with what you wanted to get done for the week. And at the end of the month, all the weekly tasks should be completed. You need to go back and measure just how productive you were based on what you managed to get done. If there are flaws or you did not manage to get all the things done, revisit the issues that prevented you from achieving everything and refine your plan if you need to.

I have shared with you with how I manage to get more done on a daily basis. Please share with me what you do to keep track of all your tasks and how you manage to squeeze them in. Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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