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Prosper Mkwaiwa’s estate to be divided between the two Tinas


Prosper Mkwaiwa diesProsper Mkwaiwa’s assets are going to be divided between the two women in his life, actress Tina Jaxa and Tina Mkwaiwa.

The two women have reportedly been fighting since Prosper died, and it seems the fighting continued even after his funeral.

A rep of the family told Drum magazine that the family had decided to split everything that Prosper owned between the two women. Prosper was still legally married to Tina Jaxa, and now there are reports that Tina Mkwaiwa was not traditionally married to Prosper, and that she was merely his girlfriend. The family feels however, that it’s only fair that she gets something out of the relationship that she had with Prosper.

Prosper’s estate includes some luxury cars, a house and a business. Lawyers are said to be handling the division of the assets between the two Tinas.

“Both of them know what they will each get. Even though it has emerged that Tina M was in fact Prosper’s girlfriend, not his wife, she will still get something,” Mike Siphiri, the family rep told Drum.

In the meantime the two women are still at each others throats, and Tina Jaxa and her children have reportedly moved into the house that Tina Mkwaiwa shared with Prosper.

Not only that, she has also changed the locks of the house and acquired a restraining order, ensuring that Tina Mkwaiwa does not set foot on the property.

Tina Mkwaiwa is not taking it lying down though, she told Drum that she will fight tooth and nail to get what she deserves.

“Tina will not get anything that I worked hard for,” Tina M warned.

Mmm  . . . it just does not stop neh.

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