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How to Put the Spark Back in Your Relationship



New relationships are filled with fun and excitement. But as time goes on, and you learn more about each other, and the mystery of the other person disappears, things tend to get a bit stale.

When you settle too much to the point where it gets boring, the spark that used to be there needs to be rekindled. Here is how you can bring the spark back into the relationship:

Ways to Put the Spark Back in Your Relationship

Don’t try to get back what was

You probably were very young when you met, and I am sure quite a few things have changed over time. You are probably tempted to get back what you “lost” but it’s ok. The thing is, you probably won’t be able to go back there, and you shouldn’t try, because now, the both of you know better, the both of you have grown and there have been things that you have learned along the way. Your relationship has also grown, so instead of looking back to what was, look forward to what is to come. Get only the best from the past, and incorporate it into your present.

Make a decision to go all in

If you want your relationship to work, you have to put in the effort. Commit to doing what you must. Don’t wait for your partner to make the first move, dive right in and start bringing in the changes that are needed.

Show your partner love 

Start with the little things, like complimenting them on how they look, or if they have cooked a great meal, or they smell good. Buy them a gift, for no reason, don’t wait for a birthday or an anniversary. Focus on their strengths and verbalize that, to them and to others. Get physical, as in kiss them, touch them, hold their hand and just let them know how you feel about them. Make the time to spend with each other, just because it is important to give them attention.

Give them what they need

A relationship is give and take. When you have what you need from your partner and you are happy, you have the capacity and energy to give your partner what they need, But don’t wait around for your partner, do your part and give them what they need.

Don’t ignore sexual needs

A woman is more inclined to want to have sex when she is happy emotionally, then she can allow herself to physically go there. For a woman , it’s more emotional. For a man however, it’s more a physical connection that makes them go mental. If you are the guy in the relationship, and you meet her emotional needs, she will want to hit it up with you in the bedroom. If you are the woman in the relationship, and you do not want to get sexual with your guy, to him it feels like total rejection. So, as a couple, try to meet each other’s needs and meet each other half way. Sex is important for a relationship, and it should be something that you both enjoy together.

Be spontaneous

Don’t let life and work and all the other things stop you from being amazing and spontaneous. Do things together, sometimes out of the blue. Just find the time to squeeze in the fun times.

Sparks are not just going to happen by themselves in a relationship that has been going on for a while. You both have to work at it. For women it really starts the second she wakes up, so as the man in her life, kiss her before you leave for work, call her during the day, write a sweet text message to tell her that you miss her. If she feels great during the day, she will probably be in a great emotional state to want to go there with you.


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