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Quitting is Never an Option


I am sure you have been in that dark, frustrating place where you are discouraged, so discouraged in fact that you just don’t feel like you want to take another step. You feel so discouraged that you feel that its just not worth it. You are so drained, discouraged and you start believing that good things never happen to you, that good things are only meant for others.

Let me tell you : you are so wrong!

Watch this video: and get encouraged!

When it seems like there is no hope, and finding the strength to take that extra step seems impossible, when you feel like you have gone as far as you have gone and you have nothing left – let me tell you that you can choose to take that extra step! There is still hope, because you still have today. You have this moment, right now to decide that you are going to try again, to decide that you have not failed and to decide not to quit.

You need to weigh the things in your life. Would you rather stay in pain or try and take that next step that will take you to your destination? The fact that you are willing to quit means that you do not like where you are and you tried to do something to change it. You are already in pain, and as Eric Thomas said cry to keep going, not quitting.

Why are you quitting?

You need to remember that quitting means that the situation that you were trying to get out of, you will not be able to, you are going to be stuck in that one place.

If you are in an impossible situation, if your desire is to make something better for yourself, if your situation is desperate, then you can’t quit!

Quitting is NOT an option!

Sometimes in life we fall down, and even though we know we should get back up, sometimes we just don’t have the strength or the courage.

Falling is never the END, if you choose to get back up. What matters is how you finish, what matters is where you end up being.

No goal is too big, no dream is too far fetched! Don’t quit! Never ever quit!


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