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Rate your date with this smartphone app Lulu

Rate your date with this smartphone app Lulu

Pic: www.androidpit.com

A smartphone app Lulu, is going to be introduced to South Africans. This app allows women to rate the guys that they go on dates with.

Other women can benefit from this app, as it will show the rating that a man gets from his previous dates. The rating is anonymous, as the men won’t know who has rated them that way. The guys can also use the app as a flirting tool.

“We’re thrilled to bring Lulu to South Africa. The Lulu app is an essential resource for anyone who’s dating today. We provide unique insight into who the good guys are and what all guys should know about themselves and what women want,” said Alexandra Chong, Lulu CEO.

The women that sign up for Lulu can rate any man that they have gone on a date with, however, that’s just about all they can do. They are not able to write a review about a dating experience that they have had with a guy, as the app does not have that capability.

The way ratings are done is that a woman has to answer specific questions about a guy, through multiple choice, and then certain #hastags are used for rating a guy.

Removal tool

Some interesting categories on the app include #HartKlopTjoklits (“heart beats crazy”), #ShisaNyamaGuy (“braai guy”), and #RokJagter (“skirt chaser”).

What’s nice is that the guys who are interested in what the women they have dated think of them can use this app, as they see how the women describe them. They also can flirt with the women  .  .  . which I suspect most guys will like that.

Guys who do not want to be rated or do not want to participate at all can have themselves removed, and this can be done online.

In America, Lulu is quite huge. It has been downloaded 5 million times, and almost a million guys have signed up to see just how women rate them.