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Remember Your Victories


Life at times can be discouraging, so sometimes it is good to live moment to moment. A lot of times, we dwell on our defeats, we dwell  on the past and all the things that we failed at. We zoom into all the things that we did not do well, the mistakes that we have made.

But what about the great moments that we had? What about the victories that made us rejoice and be proud of ourselves? What about the moments when life made our dreams come true?

Yes, life does bring a lot of things in our lives, sometimes we trip and we fall, but we do get up and keep stepping. Every single one of us has a story, we all have a past but it does not mean that we should be constantly looking at the rearview mirror of our lives.

If you are going to be constantly focused on the past and what you messed up on, you are not aligning yourself with the blessings and the beauty that life wants to shower with. So, how about making a promise to yourself, that you are going to be grateful for the things you have. Try this to remember your victories:

Take time every single day to be thankful – appreciate the people in your life, appreciate the things that you have been blessed with and appreciate the gift that life is. Being grateful make you feel happier, because it shifts your focus from everything else to a time when you were happy.

Make a list of the things in your life that you were/are most proud of – we all have victories that stand out. Big or small, take some time to celebrate them. Write them down and allow your mind to go back there. Allow yourself to feel as good as you did then.

Be kind and loving to yourself – stop beating yourself down because of mistakes that you did. No one wants to be told about their downfalls all the time, and I can bet that it is not how you treat your friends or the people in your life, so why should you do that to yourself. Give yourself a break!

Of course you had proud moments, and what you need to remember is that you will be victorious again. Expect good things to happen to you, if they happened in the past, they sure will happen again!


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