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Riky Rick Leaves record label Mabala Noise


Riky Rick Leaves record label Mabala Noise

Rapper Riky Rick Leaves his record label Mabala Noise Entertainment

Rapper Riky Rick has made an announcement that he has left his record label Mabala Noise.

Sidlukotini rapper, Riky Rick tweeted a few tweets, and let us all know that he has officially left Mabala Noise. In the tweets, he also mentions that Mabala Noise threatened him and the livelihood of his family . . . and that he has taken some time out to think about his decision.

And of course, this set Twitter alight, with many standing by Riky Rick’s decision and giving him props for being brave.

Riky parting with Mabala Noise comes just two weeks, after he accepted an award at the Metro FM Music awards and gave an acceptance speech that made many question what was really going on. And when he didn’t attend the Mabala Noise celebratory party, that set a lot of tongues wagging , that perhaps there were serious issues.

Mabala Noise got just about everyone talking, when they signed a lot of artists in a very short space of time, and rumours started swirling that there was corruption going on, and they came under fire after people started questioning what it is that they were promising the artists.

And now Riky Rick left the music label, and we wonder who will be walking out next.

Check out Riky Rick’s tweets about his departure from Mabala Noise:

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