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Robbie Malinga says he is just fine


Robbie Malinga has slammed the rumours about his health, saying that he is fine.

A picture of Robbie has been doing the rounds on social media, and it shows him looking very thin and looking frail. So of course, social media was quick to jump on the suggestion that he is not doing great on the health front.

Robbie has come out to set the record straight, saying that he is doing great. He had a health scare back in June, and his weight loss is attributed to that.

“I’m not sick. Let people talk‚ but I know that I’m fine‚” he said.

Robbie was diagnosed with anemia back in June, which landed him in hospital. He was also apparently overworked, with very little rest, which also contributed to his health taking a bit of a dive.

“He has been travelling across the country for months without rest. He needs to take a break and look after himself. He is under strain but still works day in and day out‚” said Universal Music spokesperson Dharam Sewraj.

We sure hope he is ok . . . because we love the music that he makes, and we want him to continue making great music.

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