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Robert Marawa denies Drum Exclusive Interview

Robert Marawa and Zoe Mthiyane's court battle over their son

Pic: Sunday Sun

Radio and television personality Robert Marawa denies the Drum exclusive interview that is this week’s Drum headline. Robert used Twitter to make it known that he never gave Drum any exclusive pertaining to the article that they wrote about him.

This week’s Drum has him on the cover, with the headline “Robert Marawa pours his heart out about his baby mama drama.”

According to the article in Drum, Robert reportedly told the mag that he was going through a terrible time, the toughest time he has had in his life. The article went on to address the claims that he earns R300K a month, and how he has been there for his son from he second he was born.

He also talks about Zoe Mthiyane, his ex and mother of his child, saying that at the end of this ordeal he will be vindicated, even though she and her fiancee Lebo M, who just welcomed  a baby girl are out to get him.

“But I have decided to ignore all this stuff. I’ve got two individuals who are fighting me but, in the end, I am going to be vindicated. I have been paying for my child’s maintenance from day one. All I can tell you is that I have been there for my son from the moment he was born,” he reportedly told drum.

However, Robert has denied giving the magazine any kind of exclusive, which is not the first for Drum.

Drum Editor Thandi Gweba took it upon herself to respond to Robert’s tweet:

Zoe is taking Robert to court over their son, and she wants him to maintain his child.

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