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Robert Marawa and Pearl Thusi – Trouble in Paradise??

Robert Marawa and Pearl Thusi - Trouble in Paradise

Pic: Instagram

Robert Marawa and his girlfriend Pearl Thusi are said to be having relationship problems. According to sources, Robert and Pearl could be heading for a breakup, all because of Robert and the ladies.

Robert is said to have a roving eye, and of course that can never sit well with Pearl, or any woman for that matter.

Pearl and Robert have been together for months now, even though they have been denying it since they hooked up. Sources close to the couple say that Robert is allegedly cheating on Pearl, even though the couple are rumoured to be engaged.

The couple have kept the relationship on the down-low, and even though Pearl has admitted that she is completely in love, she has not revealed who her mystery man is. Late last year, the couple were spotted together, on a holiday, so the cat is basically out of the bag.

Engagement rumours of the pair started swirling around after Pearl posted what looked like an engagement ring on her finger. Months back, we did hear that Robert had introduced Pearl to his family.

We sure hope Robert realizes what he has in Pearl and do right by her.


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