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One of Down Under’s Favorite Leading Ladies, ROBYN DUSE


Robyn DuseAustralian Actress Robyn Duse is ramping up for a big year ahead in ‘Hollywood’ with some upcoming feature films to be filmed both in Los Angeles and Australia and a number of offers on the table from some heavy hitters which she is very excited about.

The former promo model is no stranger to the entertainment business and has recently been cast in two feature films that will be filming in 2016 which rumor has it, could be taking place overseas.

Robyn Duse has been acting, singing and dancing since she was 5 years old. She got to dance with the Johnny Young Talent Team (similar to The Mickey Mouse Club) and with Danni Minogue, sister of worldwide superstar Kylie Minogue. Those experiences not only thrilled her but also influenced her path in life, her destiny, so to speak. We could say the rest is history, but perhaps we’ll fill in a few of the blanks while we have the chance.

Her performing achievements are manifold and numerous. She recently signed with a US management firm, which, as many of us know is not an easy task to accomplish. She’s been in too many films to mention in this space but some of her lead roles, of which there have been many include The Love of a Mother, Code Fire and many more. ‘

Robyn is no stranger to Television and on-line productions either. Again, too many to enunciate here so we’ll touch on just a few that come to mind. House Husbands, INXS: Never Tear Us Apart Miniseries, Country Racing TVC, Neighbours, Stingers, Secret Life of Us and Kath and Kim.

Robyn’s ambition to succeed will certainly take her to heights others can only dream about and she’s happy to put in all the hard work that’s needed to guarantee her place on the red carpet walking toward the Oscars or even the BAFTA’S. Robyn’s extensive training in itself, is an achievement that most people wouldn’t even have half the energy to accomplish these days. She has traveled to Hollywood several times and attended the famous Stella Adler Academy of Acting. She also studied with legendary Margie Haber in Los Angeles, the famous Groundlings, Andy McPhee and Ivana Chubbock and Larry Moss.

She knew that if she wanted more opportunities in the acting world, Hollywood was the place to find them and to achieve her dreams of becoming not only a professional actress, but also one of the top actresses in the world. Since then, of course, Robyn has had innumerable roles in television, stage and films. She has several feature films coming up, which she is very excited about. She’s also writing her own movie, which she says, is a subject close to her heart and which hopefully, will touch a great deal of other people’s lives also. She is well on her way to becoming one of the most in-demand actresses on the planet and we can’t wait to see her on the big screen again.

Stay tuned to see Robyn in the upcoming US/Australian feature film What Comes Around Goes Around and the upcoming feature film Iniquitous, set for 2016.

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