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Rockville is back with a BANG!


Mzansi giving #Rockville4 some major love

Rockville Season 4 is coming soon

#Rockville4 is here . . . and I must say it’s fireworks from the very beginning.

After the explosive ending of Rockville Season 3, #Rockville4 had to be explosive, and I must say Ferguson Films never disappoints!

From the get go, it was fire, taking us all on a journey.

It was interesting to see JB at the lowest he has ever been, but we know he’s a survivor, so we know he’s gonna make it.

And Vicky (Gail Mabalane) from his past comes back into his life, looks like she’s giving him a lifeline. She also reveals to him that he has a son . . . that Lindi just gave birth to his son (It’s about to get interesting!!)

And of course, we glad to see Ausi Mavis ok after the shooting, after she saved her grandchild’s life and Lindi’s life. She raises her concerns about Lindi being connected to JB forever, because of the son they share. She has seen just how strong and consuming their connection is . . . but then Lindi reassures her that she is done with him.

Time will tell . . . but I have a feeling it ain’t over.

And Peggy . . . always entertains. We catch Ayanda Thabethe.

So, #Rockville4 no Glady’s? No Sipho?

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