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Sally Pearson is going to the 2016 Rio Olympics


Sally Pearson gets a spot to the 2016 Rio Olympics

Sally Pearson gets a spot to the 2016 Rio Olympics

Pic: theguardian.com

Sally Pearson, the Olympic star in hurdling is no doubt now going to be with the team to Rio 2016. She has been on the sidelines since June 201 for a wrist injury that she sustained while in Rome at the Golden Gala track and field event.

The 29-year-old was cleared by a German doctor who also treats Usain Bolt. This comes as a boost to the Australian Olympic team that can now be more confident of more medals because of this news.

The 2012 London games saw Pearson walk away with a gold medal at the 100-meter hurdles and no less can be expected of her in Rio. She is to compete on an international stage before heading out to Brazil in June.

She has been a star to watch and there is no doubt about this as she proved herself at the 2012 Olympic Games and no less is expected of her as per what she says.

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