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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

As you know, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has landed!

Truth be told, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a beautiful phone and yes, it is the first phone in the world with dual curved displays. That is a big deal.

But as you know, beautiful things do come with a hefty price! This phone is quite expensive, with prices reaching R15 000. It’s even more expensive than the iphone 6 Plus, so, it’s definitely not for the average joe. . . it’s for those who can really afford.

The entry level is 32 GB worth of internal storage, and of course you can have 64GB and 128GB. The more storage you want, the more money you are going to have to pay.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge dropped at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S6, but the Edge came at a higher price tag.

The question is, is it really worth the top up in price?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a bit thicker than the S6 (7mm vs 6.8mm), it is also slightly lighter than the S6 (132g vs 138g) and it has a bigger battery compared with the S6 (2600mAh vs 2550mAh).

The two phones are very similar, with the S6 Edge bringing in the two curved display edges.

So, do the differences between the two justify the price, you decide!

With this new phone from Samsung, the microSD slot has been removed and the battery is no longer accessible.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge design is one you will marvel at. The phone looks so beautiful, the rounded metal frames really do justice to the phone.

The front of the phone is curved and rounded, and at the back, the same cannot be said of the S6 Edge. Contrary to the front, the back is flat. Maybe Samsung should have repeated the curved design at the back, just like they did in the front.

Did I mention that the camera lens protrudes at the back? I am sure they wanted a slim design for the phone overall, but that protrusion is not attractive at all.

Samsung has also added more colours than the black and white that we are accustomed to. In addition to black and white, you can get the S6 edge in gold as well as green.

They have done well in keeping the Home button where it has been for the S4 and the S5, and improved it with a finger scanner.

Display and screen

When it comes to display, Samsung certainly wins on the S6 Edge. There isn’t any other smartphone that I know off that does better than Samsung.

The main display is 5.1-inches and it has a QHD, 1440 x 2560 resolution. This means that it’s clarity is unparalleled, and the colours are bright, sharp and vibrant.

With this phone, you get a pixel density of 577ppi!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 1

Finger scanning

Samsung has gone all out to make sure that the finger scanning feature on the S6 and the S6 Edge is good and improved from its previous models.

With the S6 Edge, you do not have to swipe your finger on the home button, you simply place your finger over it, and you are done. And it does a pretty good job at recognizing one’s finger, fast.

You can use this finger scanning technology on the phone to validate payments with Paypal, and to sign into websites that support this kind of technology, so things are definitely improving at an alarming rate.

Samsung’s S Health app

One of the few things that we have loved Samsung for is the S Health app, and this is certainly not new on the S6 Edge.

Though it’s not a new app, it has definitely has seen an upgrade. The dashboard gives you all your ‘vitals”, your stress information, your heart rate, your workouts and others.

Also, what we also love is that it will encourage you to be more active, if you are spending too much time being inactive.

That’s a sure way to remember to get more active.

Interface & Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge uses Google’s latest mobile platform Android 5.0 Lollipop.

And of course you get to use and enjoy TouchWiz interface.

And there are plenty of apps that the phone comes with. The nice thing is that if you do not use them, you can disable them, and they will not show on your list of apps that you use.

The processor is made up of two quad-core chips, 2.1GHz and 1.5GHz chip, which means that the phone can handle whatever you want to do, gaming to streaming movies and the like. This is impressive.

It’s safe to say that when it comes to the interface and the performance, Samsung got it right!


Battery life

There is no point in having a great looking phone, if it does not stay around long enough for you to fully enjoy it. So, how does the Samsung Galaxy Edge battery life fair?

The battery somewhat struggles, which is not surprising given that the phone has a very sharp resolution display and a very powerful processor.

But with moderate use, with no gaming or movie streaming or any activities that excessively drains the battery, the battery does hang on.

What’s great though is that your battery won’t drain if your phone is on standby and you are not using it that much.

What’s also great, is that the S6 Edge comes with great fast charging technology. This is amazing, because 10 minutes of charging the phone can give you up to 4 hours of battery time.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge camera is simply excellent, one of the very best on a smartphone. It boasts 16 MP on the rear end, and 5Mp on the front.

Also, you are able to get to the camera from anywhere on the handset, by double clicking the home button. The camera has a few features, the likes of pro, auto, panorama, slow motion and many others. The auto though is quite good, as this smartphone can take great shots without you having to dictate what surroundings you are at.

It also comes with selective focus, which allows you to zoom into an object, to make it either close or far. Very fun feature to use and the pics are quite decent.

With the camera, Samsung has done a really great job!


We love it! It has a great camera, the phone design is slick and beautiful and the interface is one of the most powerful that we have ever seen.

We would have liked it if the price was not as steep as it is. The battery life could be better and the phone itself is not waterproof.

Overall, a good phone.