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How To Say Goodbye To Someone You Love



Very few things are sadder than saying goodbye to someone that you love dearly. Being loving will help a lot, and of course you can open the door of communication and let them know that they can keep in touch with you if they need to. It is always hard having to say goodbye to someone you love.

Say your goodbye’s in person

The last thing that you want to do is to call or send a text message. Don’t be a coward and be sensitive. When you take the time to see them in person, it shows that you care about them, and you respect the sensitive situation that is there.

Plan the things to say

Think about what they mean to you, and think about the parting words that you want to use in order to convey the message that you want to send to them. Mention all the important things and let them know just how much you still love them.

Be honest about how you feel

Be honest about the feelings you have for them, because this might just be the last time you have a chance to tell them what you feel about them. It is ok to be emotional, as long as you talk from your heart.

Try and listen to what they are saying to you

Whatever it is you are saying to them, make sure that you give them a chance to respond to what you are telling them. They too might have things that they want to say to you.

Have a heart

Just because you are saying goodbye to someone does not mean it has to be a horrible thing that leaves a trail of pain. Be human, be sensitive and have a heart. Do not do things that will intentionally hurt them and try to part on a good note. Give them a hug if you can.
Now, these are just some tips to say goodbye to someone you love. Who’s to say, you might be friends in the future so try to part as amicable as possible. It is a hard process, so you need to be able to lessen the pain and let go of them.
If you love them and care about them, you will say goodbye in a sensible manner, and how you feel about them will show.

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