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Senyaka Kekana was broke when he died!


Senyaka Kekana dies

City Press reports that Senyaka Kekana died broke. He died last week in a hospital, after he was in a coma.

His family are reportedly asking for donations, so as to be able to give him a proper burial.

On speaking to the paper, his brother Papa Mayisela, is asking for anyone who is able to assist to come forward to help the family financially. He says, they are also looking to set up a trust fund, possibly to help his two children that he left behind.

Senyaka’s death came as a shock to most people, partly because most people didn’t even know he was sick. We can only imagine how devastated his family and his children are at this loss.

Senyaka’s daughter expressed her loss and grief, adding that her dad sent her a very touching message.

“I feel I have just lost a part of me. No one will replace my father,” she told the paper.

Too sad . . . that she and her brother will have to go on without their dad!

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