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Sfiso Ncwane does right by his mother!

Sfiso Ncwane's mom not impressed with his expensive gift to pastor

Pic: Instagram

Sfiso Ncwane has finally done right by his mom, and bought her groceries worth R2000.

This comes after the backslash that Sfiso got earlier this week, after his mom revealed that she is starving, despite him having the money to buy his pastor a R1.9 million car.

After Sfiso revealed the lavish gift that he bought his pastor, his mom was less than impressed. It was then that she revealed that Sfiso does not take care of her, and that some nights she goes to bed without eating anything.

Sfiso’s mom Fikile Ncwane spoke to the SunTeam and revealed that Sfiso has stepped up and bought groceries for R2000. She added that she hopes that she will not be in that situation again where she has to go to bed without food.

“I was called by my eldest daughter, Gugu, on Monday saying she was in the shops buying food for me. She told me Sfiso sent R2 000 for me to eat. He wanted to surprise me,” said Fikile.

“When I open my fridge, I open it with a smile. It’s so full I think I’m dreaming. I now go to bed on a full stomach. “I’m glad Sfiso came to his senses!” Fikile added.

Sfiso has rubbished all reports that say he has not been taking care of his mother. He added hat his moms statement was misinterpreted by the media.

Well, at least in the end he did right by his mom.

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