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8 Signs You Are in the Friendzone



The friend zone is something that every guy does not want to find themselves in, especially with a girl that they like. If there is a girl that you like, and you are afraid that you might be in the friend zone, there are certain things that can clear that up for you.

When she has put you in the friend zone, she loves spending time with you, but only as her buddy. She does not want to get down with you . . . ouch sorry.

If you can look at how she treats you and how she behaves towards you and with you, then you can determine if she regards you as just a friend. So, here are:

Signs that you are in the friendzone:


She wants to go shopping with you

Shopping with a girl you like is really not that great. You might jump at the chance to do it with the girl you like, because you are thinking of all that time that you are going to spend with her. However, shopping really sucks. You are going to be tagging along, going into a million shops, watching her trying different outfits and actually doing silly things that she asks you to do. If you think about this for a second, you will realise that there is nothing romantic about this.

She only wants to see you in public places

If you like a girl and you want to be with her, you want to be able to spend alone quality time with her. If she only wants to hang out in public with you, then she does not want to even have that chance to be alone with you, where you can actually make a romantic move towards her. If you never have a chance to spend time alone with her, you can’t really make a move.

She always invites you for group events

Group events may be great at first, because you are excited at the prospect of spending time with her. There is only one problem, you are at a group event, which means that you actually do not get to spend time with her. Because she has to spend her time with all the other people in the group. If you agree to go to a group event, just know that you will probably have to share her attention with the other guy friends that she has invited in the group.

She’s busy everytime you suggest going out

Of course there are women that are genuinely busy with their lives.However, if you have been trying to take her out on a date for weeks, and she always has an excuse, that is a sign. A woman who likes you will make time to be with you, especially at the thought of spending a romantic time with you on a date.

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You have been trying to get her for months

It is completely acceptable to not get her number the first time you interact, and with some girls, it can take a bit of time to get their number, because maybe she is playing hard to get. It happens. So, if you have been trying for a couple of days or weeks, that’s acceptable. If you have been trying for months and you still don’t have it, it’s time to move on buddy.

She wants your help in seeing other guys

This is as bad as it gets for you. If she talks about other guys and liking them, and she actually wants you to help in catching the attention of a guy, then you must know that its very bad for you, and it’s not going to get better. Time to ship out.

She cries to you about other guys

She comes to you about a guy that she likes, or a crush who is not paying her the attention that she wants to be getting from him. You will now have to deal with the tears, the emotions and everything else that she wants to dump on you. And whatever advice you have to give, she will probably go back to him and come back to you with more tears.


She tells you she likes you as a brother or a friend

Nothing can be more clear than that. Nothing tells the message as loud as her saying that to you. And no, she is not flirting or teasing.

It’s terribly bad to be in the friend zone with a girl you like. Though these are not all the signs that she may be giving you out there, if you see one of these, you must know that she does not like you that way.

Stop chasing her, stop giving her more time because it can never work out for you guys.

In fact, if you are in the friend zone, you need to get out of there. Set your eyes on someone else, otherwise you will be hurt every time she blows you off.

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