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Siv Ngesi joins The Man Cave


Siv Ngesi joins the man cavePhoto: Instagram

Siv Ngesi is about to join The Man Cave. That means that he will be joining Janez Vermeiren and Lunga Shabalala.  . . this is definitely exciting for all Man Cave fans.

Siv will be the guy who will be doing the extreme activities, you know, the ones you’d love to do but are just too scared. Or if you are the adventurers type, the ones you wish you could do but don’t have the means to or don’t know where to even begin.

Bottom line is that the show is about to get turned up a notch.

“I can’t wait for the adventure. They always say ‘do what you love and you will never work a day in your life’. You can’t call chilling, travelling and talking kak with friends work. This is living the dream, baby!” says Siv.

We wish him the best!

Source: The Juice

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