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Siya Ngwekazi : In the Spotlight


Siya Scoop Ngwekazi

Siya Ngwekazi is someone who is well known in the South African entertainment industry. He is pretty established . . . he has done radio, he has done tv, he has done his own shows like Forever Young, he is a trendsetter, he has hosted events and shows.

Thinking about it, there is very little that Scoop hasn’t done, and even now he dips to all these things when he wants to. He also owns a production company, with friends Thomas Gumede and Lungile Radu.

He has his own online clothing shop. As you can see, he is quite impressive!

This year there were rumours that he is with Boity, but no, that’s not true. He says that they are just friends, and while it seems that Boity is still single, he on the other hand has someone special in his life.

Siya has been around for a long time . . . and something tells us that he is one of the few people to watch in 2015 and beyond.

Siya Ngwekazi

Image credits: Bona, Twitter

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