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Slikour is engaged to Melissa Wilkinson


Meet Slikour's bae

Congrats are in order for rapper Slikour, who is engaged to his bae Melissa Wilkinson.

The two are quite private, and only a few months ago we learned about the special woman in Slikour’s life when he posted a heart warming message about her on his Instagram.

Slikour opened up about his relationship and his bae, when he was on Cliffcentral.com on Monday. He shared how he met Mellisa, at a time when he just couldn’t be bothered with women, and had little interest in them, which makes him believe that the universe brought them together.

Slikour and Melissa have been together for three years, and they have managed to keep their relationship out of the public eye.

Slikour also shared that he is officially taken, and is engaged.

“These dreams I am chasing, I don’t see anyone else I have been with that would trust me, without them going, ‘we going to be broke’…I don’t see anyone that I have been with in my life that could have allowed me to be who I am right now. If you are in a relationship, you are only as good as the person that’s behind you,” he told Gareth Cliff.

Congrats Slikour . . . we can’t wait for your wedding!

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