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Sonia Sedibe joins Gold Diggers

Sonia Sedibe joins Gold Diggers

Pic: Instagram

It’s confirmed, Sonia Sedibe is joining Gold Diggers, the telenovela that is currently playing on etv.

It has been years since we saw Sonia on tv, for me, it was when she did Generations, so it’s exciting to hear that she is making her tv comeback.

Gold Diggers made its debut in August, and it quickly gained a lot of followers in a short space of time. Just weeks ago, we heard that Menzi Ngubane was joining Gold Diggers from Ashes to Ashes.

The rumours of Sonia joining the telenovela have been going on a for a while, and now we know for sure.

Reports are that Sonia has already started with the filming, and unfortunately we will only see her in December.

Excited . . . can’t wait to see what role she will be playing!

Source: The Juice

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