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Speak Your Hustle: Black Business Directory


Black Business Directory: Speak Your Hustle

We are excited to tell you about the new platform for solopreneurs and small businesses, called Speak Your Hustle. The sole purpose for Speak Your Hustle is to offer support to emerging small black businesses and more importantly to give them a platform to tell South Africa what it is that they do, where they are based and the services or products that they offer.

Speak Your Hustle is the black business directory for the South African market.

Running a business is hard, especially in the beginning which  comes with a lot of trial and error (for many), it comes with a level of uncertainty,which makes the process even harder for people who don’t have support or mentorship,who are trying to find a way to market their businesses and get it out to  the people.

When starting out, most entrepreneurs find that they have to juggle many hats to get the business going, which makes it harder to  focus on the actual business, when they have to worry about marketing, getting a website done, social media and a million other things.

And that’s where Speak Your Hustle comes in. The platform encourages entrepreneurs to share their businesses, and then SYH will share on their social media profiles and other digital platforms that they own. In basic terms, it’s a platform that allows one to say, ” Hi . . . I am so and so and I own this or that business, this is what we do etc”.

More than that, the platform wants to inspire other upcoming entrepreneurs that have goals of their own, and to remind them that it can be done, that anything can be achieved.

Also, SYH knows the challenges with getting their businesses online, with the biggest issues being the technical know-how and the cost factor.

And that’s why there’s an option for small businesses to get help in getting their business online and getting a responsive website. We have at Speak Your Hustle have made this process simple, affordable and realistic. We are thinking of you and we know that together, we can succeed better and faster than when we do alone.

Here are Some Benefits for Sharing Your Hustle With us:

  • Give your business the exposure it deserves
  • Get your business promoted for free
  • Connect with like minded people
  • Get more leads and sales

So what are you waiting for? Connect with us at www.speakyourhustle.co.za

We are also on Social Media:  Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Pinterest


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