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Tebogo Khalo opens up about her life


Tebogo Khalo

Rhythm City’s Tebogo Khalo tells talks to Drum, about her character Puleng, and says she is nothing like her. We have come to love Puleng, who has had to go through some challenges in her role. She also opens up about her life.

Tebogo who is married and very private when it comes to her life, decided to share some facets about her life. She says she decided to keep her husband’s identity private, because he is not in the public eye. She is obviously aware that a relationship that is in the glare of the public can be very hard to manage . . . and that can complicate things for any couple.

“I’m the one in the public eye, not him, so I guard that closely. I’m also generally not a very showy type of a person,” she added.

Though married, Tebogo and her husband they don’t have children. She says that they are just not ready to bring children into the picture just yet. She acknowledges the sacrifice and the time that children would demand from them as a couple, and they are just not just there yet.

It’s good to see young couples take the time to enjoy each other, before bringing children in the mix.

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