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Thandi ‘Blue’ Mbombo apologizes to Babalwa Mneno!


Big Brother Mzansi runner Blue apologizes to Babalwa MnenoBig Brother Mzansi runner up Blue wants to say sorry to Babalwa Mneno, for the things that she said about her, and the things she called her.

Blue does not want to have beef, and she wants to clear the air with Babalwa. Apparently she called Babalwa a “prostitute” when she was still in the Big Brother house, and that’s what she wants to say sorry for.

Sunday Sun reported that Babalwa wanted an apology from Blue. They also reported that Blue did send an sms apologizing to Babalwa, which read, “I was drunk most of the time, and I never meant the things I said.”

Pic: Twitter

Babalwa said to Sunday Sun: “I heard she was one of the girls who used to work at Taboo. But I was shocked because I don’t know the girl!”

She added , “How do I get jealous of someone I’ve never met? Jealousy is the ugliest trait – I don’t have time for that. I don’t worry about issues of a sheep. As a lion I have the whole jungle to take care of. She must look for people on her level. Maybe she’ll get what she wants.”

Squashing the beef is always the best thing to do.

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