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Thapelo Mokoena involved in a hit and run accident


Thapelo Mokoena survives hit and run

Thapelo Mokoena involved in a hit and run accident 4

Pic: Instagram

Actor and TV personality Thapelo Mokoena was involved in a hit and run accident, that left him hurt and bleeding on the side of the road.

The hit and run accident happened on the 5 of January 2016, as Thapelo was doing his run, at Vanderbijlpark South SE3 in the Vaal.

The incident was no ordinary hit and run, it is alleged to be a hate crime, as it looks like the people who ran him over, two white guys driving a red Audi, did it on purpose.

Thapelo has detailed his hit and run ordeal on Facebook, check it here and the pics that show his injuries:

He wrote: “I decided to go for an evening run in the bright streets of Vanderbijlpark South SE3 in the Vaal. Fitness being top priority as the new year begins. The target was a 10km run just like I had done in the morning of the same day. A calm suburb that I had become accustomed to for well over 4 years. The streets are lit and calm, so in an aim to avoid the scorching heat during the day, early mornings and early evenings make the most suitable time to run/jog. I started my run and it’s was going well as usual. I reached my 5km mark and started to make my way back.”

Thapelo was planning to do 10km run “… Just before I reach 7km it all ended. What happened?? The next thing I know I wake up on the side of the road bleeding everywhere (from my head, my arms & my legs). I am disorientated, shouting at the man helping me. He keeps saying, ‘I’m calling an ambulance, you are badly hurt!’ and I keep saying, ‘No! Take me to my house or I’ll walk there. I want to see my wife and my son.'”

He was taken to hostpital, as he was bleeding and hurt: “I get taken by the hospital staff and I collapse on to the stretcher bed and the rest is history. The question still remains though, what happened?,” Thapelo wrote.

Eye witnesses told him that he was knocked down by two white males, who were driving a red Audi. The car was apparently driving on the fast lane, then changed to the slower lane where Thapelo was, knocked him down and went back to the fast lane and drove off.

“Literally HIT & RUN! I was unconcious for 15 to 20 minutes on the road and I miraculously took a huge gasp of air and went manic. According to the 2 street guys, the driver of the vehicle and his passenger where white males… The same night I wake up in hospital in a lot of pain. I have open wound in my head and i am being stitched, open wounds on my back, my arms and the back of my legs and a fractured ankle so I can’t walk.”

Thapelo Mokoena involved in a hit and run accident 3

Thapelo Mokoena involved in a hit and run accident 1

Thapelo Mokoena involved in a hit and run accident

We wish Thapelo a speedy recovery. With #PennySparrow and people who think like her out there, no wonder incidents like these happen!

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