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The Most Important Trait to Look for in a Partner



What is the thing that first catches your eye about someone? Is it how hot they look, is it the muscles on their body, is it the nice sports car that they drive? Is it her cleavage or her hourglass body shape?

Ok, so we might notice these things about them, and once the attraction is established, surely we want to see more. We move over to the real meat of who they are, the stuff that gets left behind after the car is gone, or when they have wrinkles.

We might look at certain things, like, do they have a stable job, do they make you laugh and those types of things.

But are these the most important trait in a person? I think not!

I think the most critical thing that we should look for when we are considering a partner is their character.

A persons character will tell who they really are, it is who they are at their core.

So how can you tell the character of the person you are with? You might have to dig a little deeper than their exterior to really find it.

Here is what good character looks like:


People that have integrity are really rare. Their word means everything to them, therefore, they are honest, they are truthful and they words match their actions. They will never say they will do one thing and go behind your back and do something else.


And no, I am not talking about the muscles on his body. I am talking about mental strength, which people who know who they are have. I am talking about someone who has a backbone, and someone who will not just do something to impress someone or just so they can belong somewhere.


This is someone who is true and honest to every one that they come into contact with. Of course most people will not come out and tell you their bad side, but your intuition will guide you, so listen to it.


Don’t just find someone who has money that they can just give around, find someone who is generous with their heart. That matters much more than someone giving out money. This is someone who will not be selfish, who will not only be looking out for himself or herself. A good test is, if they cannot give you the little things like food, a Saturday night, then you can forget about them being there when you need them. You can forget about them being there when you need support or an ear to listen.

Self Control

Be with someone who does not have to have a certain thing the moment they decide that they want it. If a person can delay gratifying themselves, that is definitely a sign that they are matured. Someone that has self control is not someone who is impulsive, they will take their time before they do something.

So, now you have an idea of what character of a person is all about. While you are looking deeper into the character of the person that you are with, look at yourself also.

Are you a person of character? As they say, in order to be with the right person, you have to be the right person first.

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