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The One That Got Away

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Me like just about everyone out there has experienced heartbreak . . . if you haven’t yet, you will.

I am not trying to be the message of gloom, I am just stating what life is like.

Today got me thinking about the one that got away. . . the one I would fight for given the chance. Just because my heart yearns for her does not mean that us being together is a good thing. In fact, everything inside of me knows that would be a really bad idea given the circumstances surrounding our breakup and everything that happened.

But as you know, sometimes the heart wants what it wants. She called me today, and as usual my heart skipped a bit, which kind of annoyed me. After all this time, and after all the drama, how can my heart be excited to see her calling?

As annoyed as I was, I couldn’t deny the excitement. A part of me started playing out the possibilities of what that call meant, what if she was missing me? What if she was thinking and hoping we would get back together? What if she’s missing me . . . my thoughts went on and on.

And I let it.

It was nice to go there to those places where my heart gets happy, even if it was for a few seconds, toying with the idea of love again. Love with this woman that I had loved so deeply.

And just as I was basking in the idea of a second chances, it all came to a screeching halt.

Who was I kidding? It could never ever work

We were too damaged, the love too broken, the trust lost forever . . . the situation was hopeless.

I had to remind my self, my heart that she is the one that got away, and that it would never ever be between us. Close the door, I urged my heart. Close it tightly this time

Just leave it be!

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