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The Power of I Am


I am” are two of the most powerful words in the world. Most of us use them on a daily basis, not realizing their power or the implication of the words that come after.

Notice that “I am” is right now, at this present moment.

“I was” is yesterday

And “I will be” is all about tomorrow.

The past has already gone, and no one knows for sure what tomorrow will be. The only moment we have is right now.

We get to choose what our right now is. And realize, that everything in our lives right now – your job, your weight, the house you live in, just about everything about your life is because of the “I am’s “ that you said about yourself and to yourself in the past.

Most of us use I am for negative things that we are going through or experiencing:

I am overweight

I am broke

I am going to fail

I am not good enough

I am too tired . . . . . . . . . . the list is endless.

While it may be your true state of how things are or how you feel, saying them just makes you confirm it, and you are announcing it to the universe. Saying it with your lips, and the beliefs in your mind, makes the universe work extra hard to make it a reality.

Your words are extremely powerful, and we should never use them to express a terrible situation of something that we want to change.

Instead, use them to attract all that you DO want. Instead of being weary, and discouraged, tell the universe what you want and who you are.

I am confident

I am smart

I am good enough

I am a beautiful human being

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

I am successful

I am talented

Notice how it will even change how you feel!

Dwelling in a situation that brings you down, will get you more of the result that you DO NOT want. Never use your words to make your situation worse, use them to get to where you want to be. Use them to reinforce the amazing things that the universe wants to give you, and use them to change your life.

Your life right now is the sum of all the thoughts you have had about yourself, and all the things you ever said about your life.

You want your life to change, to be better? Then start talking positively! Take all the things that you desire in your life, and put them on the present tense!

I am totally rich, how about you?

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