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The Top 3 Best Places to Meet Women


Dating can be extremely intimidating, especially when you do not know what to say or where to meet these gorgeous women that you keep dreaming about. Bars and clubs, as you may have noticed, are not ideal for meeting a girl that you might end up really liking, unless the whole point was to have a one night stand with her. Forget bars and the like – and find out the 3 places where you can meet your dream girl:

On Public Transport – one of the ultimate best places to meet gorgeous women is when you are traveling around , using public transport, like the train, the bus or even in the taxi. This is even more perfect if you are staying in a large place, where most people actually rely on public transport to travel around. Most guys do not realize the kind of opportunity they have. While you are sitting reading the paper or listening to music, you will miss all the gorgeous women that are right there, and believe me there’s plenty.

Also, she’s thinking about where shes going, work, stuff she needs to do, and shes not thinking dating or meeting a guy. This positions you perfectly, because she will be more open minded about meeting you and talking to you. Contrary to bars or clubs, it is during the day, the atmosphere is more calm and relaxed, and this increases the chances of her being open minded to talk to you.

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Getting introduced through friends – This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to meet women, women that you can actually be serious about, because the people introducing you are people who know you and what you are about. Be careful with this though, you need to be sure you want to be with a woman, because if you do crazy things and break her heart, you will have some people in your life who are totally not impressed with you. If you are planning to go casual, it will be a bad idea to start dating someone in your circle of friends, but if you are looking for something long term, this is awesome.

Meeting her at a house party – this is also one of the best ways to meet women. The atmosphere is great for meeting someone great, and extremely relaxed. Have a house party at your place, or if its not convenient, get a buddy to have one. In order to meet great women, it is really about mingling, getting out there and getting really social.

The best way is if you were to do it at your place, or rent a venue if possible. The advantage with this is that people are going to want to know who is hosting the party, especially if it is a great party – including the women! That can put you in contact to meet a lot of women!

Dating is really all about getting around and mingling, it is also about fun. If you are confident, and you are a nice guy, women will see that and they will be drawn to you!

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