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The very best of #IfAfricaWasASchool


#IfAfricaWasASchool Best Memes and Jokes


Pic: Twitter

Twitter is at it again, and this time the hashtag is #IfAfricaWasASchool

It was just not possible to have a dull day, because the whole day, I found myself checking Twitter and having a few great laughs.  had me on the floor . . . literally, and I would share with colleagues  everytime I found one that was utterly hilarious. The humour, the history, politics, it was all on fleek, and best of all most of them were actually quite accurate.  Salute to whoever started it.

So i thought I would compile the very best , and unfortunately there are just too many great ones.

But, here are some of the very best  jokes and memes on twitter:

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