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The Vodacom Summer Campaign 2015 is Here!


Vodacom Summer Campaign

Vodacom Summer Campaign 1

The Vodacom Summer Campaign is here . . . and that means that they will be giving away some amazing prizes!

The festive season is right around the corner, and people are getting ready to just relax, have some fun and truly enjoy the festive season. After all, they have worked hard all year long, and the festive season is the best time to get some great deals, and even better, to win some awesome prices.

And when it comes to prizes and competitions, no other company does it better than Vodacom, the company that brings you the best network.

As a Vodacom customer, there are perks that you get to enjoy, and this Vodacom summer campaign is one way for Vodacom to give back to you, their loyal customers.

As you know, Vodacom has the best deals when it comes to data bundles, airtime, SMS and voice bundles. And for this summer campaign, you get even more prizes than those that they are known for.

For their loyal customers, Vodacom is giving away a whopping R250 000 in prizes! This summer, get ready to enjoy the best network in Mzansi, with great prizes on all that you need to stay connected, on Mzansi’s unparalleled network.

Vodacom Summer Campaign prices

15 November is D Day . . . because everything kicks off on that day at 9am.

You have until the 15th of December 2015 to get yourself in line to win something super awesome from Vodacom, and getting in on the action is super easy.

Give yourself a chance to win with Vodacom Summer Campaign by:

  • On Twitter , visit https://goo.gl/XiiCb6
  • Engage with @Vodacom and retweet a message from Vodacom, using the hashtag, #Unlock #HappyDays
  • Follow @VodacomSoccer

Winning entries will be determined based on a pre-determined retweet numbers set each of the competition. So, if the set retweet number for that day is 7, entrants who have retweeted 7 times and more during that day stand a chance of winning a prize, so you need to engage as much as you can.

So, be a part of the Vodacom summer campaign, and set yourself up to win some really great prices!!

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