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5 things to do for her on Valentines Day


Things to do for her on Valentines day

Valentines Day is fast approaching, it’s less than a week away. Since February began, most retailers have been getting into the Valentines swing of things, with the displays being that of love – chocolates, teddy bears and of course the colour red being the colour of all things!

They say it’s never about the gift, but rather the thought behind it.

When it comes to your woman, you need to know her well for you to be able to do something amazing for her. And it should be something that tugs at her heart strings.

And quite honestly, the best gifts are those that come from your heart, like when you prepare dinner for her. That would totally melt her heart. At times, the best gifts are those that she gets to do with someone she loves – YOU!

If you are in a relationship, it would not be good for you to not have some sort of plan about what to do for your woman. so, we have helped you out just a bit, with these ideas of . . .

5 Things to do on Valentines day for her

Take her to dinner

This suggestion works really great if you are just starting to like a girl, and she’s liking you back. You are not officially boyfriend and girlfriend yet, but every single thing is pointing there. Sure, some guys think Valentines Day is a money making scheme, chances are that the woman that you like thinks it’s pretty awesome.

So, take her out to dinner and drinks. If you suggest a night cap at your place, make sure that the place is set up nicely. Some wine and flowers would be great! And music can help set up the scene for more to come.

Send her flowers to her work place

This is always a winner with the ladies. They love men who can make them feel special, and there is something about being surprised at work, by your man sending your favorite flowers to work. If you do this, you will score big, not only with her, but with her colleagues also, because you can bet they will wish they were her.

She will probably thank you, in a very special way.

Take her on a mini getaway

This works well if you have been together for a while, and you have settled into the routine of each other. It’s perfect for when the spark starts to dwindle, because with a getaway, you can turn on the spark.

Not only will you remember why you fell in love with her, you will get to do sexy couple things, away from the pressures of your normal lives.

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Do something at home

If you have been dating for a long time, and you are looking for a nice, relaxing and intimate day, why don’t you both cook dinner at home. But you must plan the date so that it’s about her.

After dinner, you can do a nice romantic bubble bath for two, compete with music, wine and candles. Afterwards you can give her a romantic unforgettable massage, and that alone will open up for a romantic night. Make sure you kiss and touch her in all the places that she loves, and don’t miss the chance of going down on her.

Recreate your wedding day special moments

If you have just gotten married, you are probably still trying to recover from the money spent at the wedding, so you are looking to do something amazing for her, but something that won’t cost you a fortune.

For Valentines Day, you can get a smaller cake, similar to the one you had at your wedding, decorate your living room the same way with the same colours, take out your wedding pictures and put them up on display.

Make sure that you have the same music that played at the wedding, and of course the same flowers. Once everything is set up, get a nice card, and write something from your heart about how special it is that you are celebrating your first Valentines Day together as a married couple. She will probably be bowled over by this, and in turn, she will want to do something amazing for you.


Valentines Day should really be a chance for you to show your woman how much you love and appreciate her. It’s a way to remind her that she is special to you. But do not only be amazing just on this day . . . because every relationship needs for the people in it to love each other,  to spend time doing special things and to appreciate one another.

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