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Tips for a First Date



Ultimately, when it comes to attracting the girl of your dreams, it all boils down to your confidence levels. If you are low on confidence, here is how you can boost it  . . . and make that first date a success.

How to Boost Confidence on That First Date

Dress to impress

As you know, the first impression is very important. How you look says a lot about you and how you see yourself. No woman wants to meet a guy that seems to not care about how he looks and his appearance. So, take your time, take a proper shower, make sure your hair is clean and dress well. At least she will see that you made the effort.

First date jitters

Are you feeling nervous? That is normal, but if you are too nervous, then that could be an issue. Make sure you calm yourself down before the actual event. Do relaxation exercises before hand, and if you have a family member that can hep you practice conversation ideas, then do that. She’s probably also feeling nervous, so try and be ok.

Get her a gift

It does not have to be a huge thing, and it does not have to cost a lot of money. A chocolate is great, because women love chocolates. You can also get her flowers, if you know the kind that she likes. or if you are ultra sweet, you can bring her a card.

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Be yourself

First dates are awkward, and because you want her to like you, you might hide your true self a little bit. But, its best to be yourself through and through. Let the person you are shine through, so that when she does like you, she really likes you for you.

Make eye contact

When you are having those conversations and you are getting to know her better, look her in her eyes. This way you will build trust with her, much better than if you are looking away, which makes you look uninterested.

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First dates can be fun, though they also can be nerve wrecking. Just do not think about it too much, don’t stress about it too much. Just go with the flow and have fun. Smile . . . because at least she said to a day with you, when she could have said no.

At the end of the date, you might like her so much, that you really want her to be your girlfriend. Then you need to know how to woo her.


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