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Top 5 Ways You Can Tell if a Woman is Attracted to You


Top 5 Ways You Can Tell if a Woman is Attracted to You

It’s very easy to know if you are attracted to a girl: of course your heart will be beating faster than usual, you will have this desire to see her as much as you can possibly can, spend as much time as you can with her and of course get to know her as much as you can.

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But then, how do you tell that she likes you or that she is attracted to you? Some girls love flirting with any guy who has shown interest in them, others are just flirts that like playing around. This makes it even more tricky. How then can you really know that she likes you?

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Here is how to tell that she is attracted to you:

1. Touching

It’s no secret that women touch each other all the time, and of course guys do touch each other when they are congratulating each other, or giving each other pats on the back. But when a girl is friends with a guy or a guy is friends with a girl, there is hardly any touching, unless of course there is some liking going on. If a girl that you are friends with is making affectionate physical contact with you, she is definitely interested in you.

2. Pupil Dilation

This one has been proven by biology and science. If she has dilated pupils everytime she is around you, that is definitely a sign of being attracted to you.

3. Leaning In Closer to You

Is she leaning in towards you? If she is doing it, it is definitely a great sign because it means that she wants to be close to you and possibly be in contact with you. You can gauge her interest by putting your arm around her as she leans on you, and her reaction will guide you into what she is thinking about you and what you just did.

4. Buying Drinks

Yes, the typical guy will offer to buy the lady he likes a drink, but if she is liking you, she too can offer you a drink. She does that because she wants to spend time with you, as she will get to enjoy a drink with you. If not, she knows that you will definitely be thinking about her as you drink a drink that she offered, and having you thinking about her is exactly what she wants.

5. Seeking Your Attention

If she is into you, she is definitely going to want your attention. However, she is going to do it in a subtle kind of way, because traditionally guys are still the ones who are supposed to make the first move. She may be shy, but if she likes you, she will find way to show you.

Some women are just too shy to make it too obvious that they like you. If you are giving her the signals that you like her and you are unsure about the reaction that she is giving you, do not take it as a rejection because it might not be. Don’t give up on the woman you like!

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