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Top 7 Ways To Get Her Thinking Of You


Every single guy wants to make a lasting good impression on the woman that he is liking. She probably has a lot of guys hitting on her every single day, and you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd, and you need to make sure that she thinks of you when you are not with her.

Here is how you can stand out:

Ways To Get Her Thinking Of You

Do small things to woo her

There are things that you can do that will make her remember you fondly. You can give her a warm smile, you can make eye contact and you can have a strong confident posture. She might not notice these things consciously, but they will stand out for her. Do things that will woo her.

Get your online approach on point

Women get tons of guys hitting on them, whether face to face or online. If you are going to try this online dating thing, then don’t just be one of the guys with a boring profile trying to get her attention. Have a very strong approach, and be interesting. Don’t let your profile blend in and get swallowed by all the other ones.

Get her number easily

Most guys are nervous when it comes to talking to a woman, let alone approaching her. But the truth is, women do want to be approached by guys that are confident and guys that do not look nervous. So, try this, “Hi, you are… [pause]… beautiful and I had to take a moment and meet you.” The pause adds that extra thing that makes this work. Smile, and look directly at her eyes when you talk to her. And then come right out and ask for her number.

Make her feel special

Once you get her number, use it fully. Call her just to tell her that you are missing her. Write her sweet messages to say good morning, or to wish her a great day. Women love these kind of gestures, and you will be able to staying her mind all day or all week long. Make her feel special and she won’t be able to forget about you.

Be more than just a friend

If she sees you as her friend, then you have been locked into the friend zone, and that’s a bad place to be with a girl that you like. It means that she just does not feel any attraction for you, and you need to step it up and learn how to make her attracted to you, and turn the chemistry up.

Reverse your role

And act like girls do. If you are talking to a girl and the conversation is going great, you can say something like, “are you going to buy me a drink or what?”. This is a great way to tease her, and to show her that you can use situations that have happened to you with girls into a bit of a joke. An attractive smart woman will get this and where you are coming from.

Keep her once you win her

Guys work so hard to get the girl, and they pull all the stops to get her. But once they win her, then they stop making it worth her while. When you have worked hard to get a great girl, you should know how to keep her. If you land a great girl, you would be a fool to let her go.

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Women have to deal with guys that want them all the time, so for them to even opt to talk to you, you have to bring something on the table. You have to stand out and make her want to talk to you. Learn how to be a badass with women and your luck with will change.


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