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Top 9 Relationship Killers





A relationship is something that should be nurtured, so that it can grow, and so that the bond is strengthened. On the other hand, there are things that can make a relationship deteriorate, which can threaten it and ultimately break the two people apart.

If you are married, or considering getting married, here are some:

Top 9 Relationship Killers


Your family is your family,you can’t just divorce them if you chose to or if you decided that they irritate you.

Just like you have your family, your spouse also has their family and at times, that can be a moment of conflict in your marriage. Chances are that you will not always get along and of course they will probably have opinions about your relationship that you may not always agree with. From in-laws to siblings, family will always have something to say about your relationship. Don’t get pulled in all directions by the two families, a marriage is between two people, stay firm in yours and put each other first.

Lack of Communication

A lot of couples settle into the world of domesticity and talk less than what they used to. Most couples get very busy with their lives, they get busy with jobs and find less and less time to engage in proper quality conversations with their spouse. Communication is one of the core elements if you are looking to have a great marriage or relationship, and without it, your relationship won’t flourish the way it’s supposed to.


Stress can leave just about anyone feeling hopeless and desperate, and the mistake a lot of people make is to take it out on those they love. When you are married, the one on the firing line is your spouse. Stress is a natural part of life, and you must find a good way to manage it without your spouse feel like they did something wrong. You should be able to find comfort in your spouse, and be able to share your feelings with them, instead of being blamed for the stress in their life.


The world of smart phones has managed to get into our lives in a terrible manner. Everything now runs from our phones, including our lives which leaves out the proper ways to engage with those we love, as most of our time is spent on the phone being social. The problem with the phone is that it leaves very little time to plug into your relationship effectively. Sometimes you need to make the decision to get off the phone and really spend quality time with your loved one.


Marriage is the ultimate sacrifice, the one place where you have to compromise and be selfless. Being selfish is just a huge no-no and its a sure-fire way to put strain in the marriage and ultimately kill it. There is just no space in a marriage to be selfish . Marriage is two people making a commitment to share the journey of life together, to do what’s best for the two people who are in it.


No one is perfect, not you and not your spouse. When your spouse does something that upsets you, you must talk about it and move forward. It’s important that you forgive them when something like that happens, because if you don’t, there will be strain in the marriage. It will be hard to push your marriage when you are feeling hurt and hanging on to the pain and the bitterness.

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The Past

Every single one of us has a past, and for most of us, it’s not pretty. There is nothing more painful than for someone to judge you based on your past life and the things you did then or the things that happened, instead of judging you based on right now.

You married someone that you knew has a past, and their past should no longer be a surprise to you. Don’t kill your spouse’s spirit by always bringing up their past. Look at them now and judge them on that, not on something that they can’t change.


Lying is one of the worst things you can do in your marriage, because the truth ALWAYS comes out. What lying does is threaten the intimacy that you have. And once trust is broken it becomes extremely difficult to rebuild it.


There is absolutely no space for pride in a relationship. When you say I do, you have to be prepared to say I am sorry, to admit when you are wrong and to be humble.

Your marriage is a gift, you need to nourish it, you need to cherish it and you need to protect it from things that will steal your joy.

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