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Top 9 Ways To Get Your Dream Woman


If you do not have a great woman in your life, I am sure you dream about getting one all the time. The truth is that it can happen, you can get the woman of your dreams, but for that to happen, you have to take action. You have to approach these women in the right away, get them to be attracted to you and build on that.

Ways to Get the Woman of Your Dreams

Get her number and get out

Stop thinking that you have to get her number AND get her to agree to go on a date with you on the very first conversation that you have with her. The first encounter that you have with her, that is entirely about getting her number. Don’t try to get more out of that conversation. You have her number, then you just need to get out and plan phase two.

Go for it

The very step is being able to approach a woman with confidence. Once you can do that, make sure that you keep your eyes locked on hers. In fact, you need to be so comfortable talking to attractive women, without going through an emotional meltdown. You can even practice, yes, you can give yourself a little assignment of approaching a lot of women, and all you do is approach them and give them a compliment. Doing this exercise enough times will get you to a point where you don’t feel scared to approach them anymore. And all you do is, approach her and say something like, “Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re beautiful. Have a great day.”and walk away. You are not trying to get her number, you are not trying to take her out for a drink. You are simply complimenting her, and walking away. If you do this, I promise you, you will be on your way to being more comfortable, and you will be responsible for making a lot of women smile. Don’t be surprised when some try to talk more with you.

Don’t chase

Stop chasing the girl. You must remember that beautiful girls get guys liking them all day long, trying to talk to them everywhere they go. So, don’t be like all the guys, you have to find a way to stand out from all the others. The way to do this is to ignore her. YES, I said that. Ignore her, don’t look her way, and don’t talk to her. Say you are in a yoga class, all you need to do is to sit next to her, and not say a thing. While every guy is trying to pay her attention, you just mind your own business. If she does initiate a conversation with you or if she asks you something, answer her in a way that seems disinterested and go back to minding your own business. When you do this, she will wonder why you are not like the other guys, she will find you mysterious and you will have managed to set the stage for attraction.

Stop thinking that HOT women want looks and money

You can have all the money in the world and look like Tyson Beckford,  but without the right attitude and skills, that money won’t do much for you. You don’t need to be rich and hot to land the woman of your dreams. you just need to be a great guy and understand women better, and work on being able to make women be attracted to you.

Decide what you want

Are you looking for a great woman to settle down with? Are you looking to date lots of hot women? Decide what you want and do it, do what makes you happy. A lot of the time when you hook up with a hot chick, you are overwhelmed with excitement and some guys just end up bending over backwards for her. Don’t just do whatever she wants, in the end women want a guy who will challenge them, not a yes guy who will say yes to everything they wants.

Banish your Inner Wuss

You need to stop sending signals that tell her that you are freaking out to be in the company of great women, that you aren’t comfortable and that you are scared or don’t have that much experience with them. You need to act normal, you need to be confident around hot women, it’s the only way they will be attracted to you.

Stop trying so hard to impress

Of course, you want to make a great first impression, and once you accomplish that, there is no reason to keep going in trying to impress her. She’s already impressed, so you need to relax, and stop trying so hard to say all the coolest things. Tease her, make great conversation, make her laugh, just be normal.

Make a great first impression

There is no denying that a good impression is what will make her want to talk to you and what will make you attractive to her. When you start strong and you start everything right, she will definitely want to keep you around.

Decide if you really want a “Total 10” woman

“A “Total 10” is a woman who’s beautiful inside and out. She’s hot, intelligent, emotionally mature, and in-demand”. She has seen the worst guys try their luck, and she has seen the best guys. She knows that she is every guys dream woman, and she knows that she can get any guy that she decides to have. The problem is that she too, has a problem in finding a guy that is right for her. If you are that right guy for her, you are in, in a big way. But, are you really sure this is the woman you want? She’s in demand, she gets a ton of attention everywhere she goes and some guys will do just about anything to be with her. If she’s the kind of woman you want, then you should go for it.

Getting the woman of your dreams is possible, you just need to know what to do and how to do it. Get out there and mingle with women, and work on getting comfortable.

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