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Trevor Gumbi and wife Lucille confirm split


Comedian Trevor Gumbi and his wife Lucille Gumbi have confirmed that they are no longer together. They took to social media to share their joint statement on their split.

The couple have been rumoured to have split for a while  now, however they remained mum on the matter, until now. Part of their statement reads:

“We would like to set the record straight on the announcement of our separation. We have been separated for some time, learning to co-parent and ensure a smooth transition of circumstances for the sake of our children,” the statement read.

“We had decided to not make our separation public until we were able to successfully manage the process, which we now have.”

The couple felt it was time and that they were ready to share what has been going on with them. Also, Trevor is going to be doing a comedy tour, and some of the material of the tour will reference the events from his life, so it was important for the former couple to put it out there, instead o having people gossip about it.

Trevor and Lucille have kids together, and they have indicated that they will remain friends after the separation, co-parent their kids and continue to work  together.


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