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Trevor Noah finds love in America

Trevor Noah finds love in America

Pic: Instagram

Our golden guy Trevor Noah is in love, with model Jordyn Taylor.

Social media was buzzing, as news of Trevor and his new girlfriend made the rounds. The Daily Host Show is said to have met his new model girlfriend after he broke up with his longterm girlfriend, Cape Town based Dani Gabriel.

In fact, it seems Trevor has a type, because Jordyn Taylor seriously looks like his ex Dani.

Not long ago Trevor landed the ultimate job, not to mention that it really is the coolest job out there, and he is a hella funny. Besides, he’s quite a cutie and the ladies love him. It makes sense that he has found a woman, it really was a matter of time. After all, very few women can resist those cute dimples!

Trevor and his new bae are said to be dating for at least 5 months, and there are even reports that the couple are living together.

Aww . . . how sweet!

As happy as we are for Trevor, I am willing to bet that there are a lot of women that are not too happy that he is not single anymore.

Sorry ladies, Trevor Noah has a girlfriend now, and she’s pretty HOTT!!

Check her out below:

Trevor Noah finds love in America1

Trevor Noah finds love in America2

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