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Tuks Senganga addresses those ‘broke” rumours!


Tuks addresses those broke rumours

Hip-Hop legend Tuks Senganga has rubbished rumours that he is broke!

These rumours broke out a few weeks ago, when it was reported that Tuks Senganga was about to lose his house, because he was in arrears and he couldn’t pay.

Tuks spoke to The Juice about those rumours to clear a few things.

“If you say someone is broke what can they not afford that they truly need in this life? Being broke is a subjective thing” he told the The Juice.

“It was just an unfortunate situation. No one got killed. Can we just move on, please,” he added.

“There is these perceptions that people are ‘arrogant’ or that they are they are a ‘saint’ or that they are ‘broke’ but these are just labels we get given as we go along in life,” he explained.

Tuks has a new song called Gafa, and even though he didn’t pen it to silence the rumours, he says it’s some sort of encouragement for people who are going through tough situations.

“So many people are going through these struggles but no ones really rapping about it,” he tells us.

Check out his new single below:

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